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Founded in 1952, our company was know as Empire Metal Spray Welding & Machine Shop®.  It was literally built by

one very dedicated and enterprising young man from the ground up, block by block, along the South Platte River located just to the south of Denver in Sheridan , Colorado.


From humble beginnings Edward Sroczynski moved from Wisconsin to Denver in 1951. By the following year he was laying concrete floors & cement blocks in addition to raising a young family.  Within the year, he had finished the building & moved in with some used equipment, beginning a forty year  business in machining, welding, & thermal spray coatings.


As for any new company at the beginning,  business proved to be difficult & demanding .  Progress was meager  at best, but with  dogged determination & perseverance the foundation for the future was laid with valuable experience learned & equipment acquired.  The subsequent 50's & early 60's saw modest  growth  & the future looked hopeful.   Then came a natural event that no one could have foreseen.





The flood changed everything for Ed & Empire.  This disaster & the resulting aftermath left the business & building completely demolished  with  all the equipment and tooling buried beneath twelve feet of silt & mud.  Thankfully no one from  the company was injured even though many in the community lost their lives.   Everything looked so bleak at this point in time & no one would have blamed Ed for throwing in the towel. 



There was no looking back though at what could have been. With his family, friends, employees & associates firmly by his side, the building of the new Empire Metal Spray, Inc.®started that very next day.   Hours, days, weeks, & months were spent in digging through the ruble & mud, cleaning & salvaging what  little could be saved, & moving it all to new facilities in Englewood away from the river.  It was a truly gratifying time to reaffirm our beliefs in our fellow man.  Customers remained understanding, steadfast, & loyal during this whole rebuilding process and within a few short months the business was up and running again.


The 70's and early 80's brought with it new business & growth.  Thermal sprayed coatings became a focus & specialty for the company.  Our expertise & new high energy plasma coating equipment enabled us to offer our customers improved coating quality & additional services. The production area was increased with new construction & the purchase of an adjoining building that followed shortly thereafter.


Empire Metal Spray, Inc.®was bursting at its seams by 1984. We next purchased  a large modern facility directly next door.  More new equipment was added in the machining & coating departments with production again expanding.  This included new HVOF spay coating technology that enabled us to provide superior carbide coatings.


In 1997-98, we broke ground & finished construction on the most modern engineered thermal spray coating facility in the county.  We put into operation new multiple Plasma, HVOF, Flame, Electric Arc, & Thermal  Spray /Fuse coating systems, all located within acoustically enclosed clean rooms supported by new & improved abrasive blasting systems & a compete masking department for part preparation.  Our facilities were further improved with the addition of ultra efficient air management & dust collection systems.  As a result, coating & product quality was insured & a clean, safe working environment  established.


Today, our facilities support one of the most modern & complete arrays of equipment, tooling,  coating processes, & material in the industry.  Our machining, grinding, & polishing capabilities enable us to complete products finished to demanding specifications & tolerances within the time limits set by our customers needs & delivery schedules.


With all we have accomplished on the acquisition of facilities & equipment that support us today, our most important asset continues to be our knowledgeable, skilled employees & how they are effectively empowered to perform  at their very best level.



Sixty-Eight Years & Three Generations

of  dedicated service & commitment by our owners, managers, office, & production staff

 are your guarantee that we will always be available  to serve you.

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