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Star Assurance TM is our very own unique quality control system.  We guarantee to each & every customer that our controls meet current ISO industry standards..


These high quality standards are measured & backed by documentation, certification, & our guarantee.



      Calibration and Gage Control Procedures

      Purchasing Material & Property Control

      1st-Article, In-Process & Final Inspection Procedures

      Quality Planning, Work Instructions & Process Control

     Inspection Records & Documentation

      Packaging, Handling, & Parts/Materials/Tooling Storage



Non-Destructive Part Testing

Destructive Sample Testing

Microscopic Examination & Image Capture

Micro Hardness & Coating Bond Strength Analysis

Measuring Tools & Gauges with PC Documentation

Workplace posture of Star Assurance.
Non-destructive & destructive part testing equipment.  Microscopic Examination and image capture.
Coating Segment under Microscopic Viewing.


A Complete In-Plant Laboratory

"Quality is Always Number One!"

Quality Control




   Dedicated Climate Controlled Room

   MMI - Multi Measuring for Coating Thickness

   OCM - Optical Comparator Measuring

   RMM - Roundness Measuring

   CMM - Coordinate Measuring

A Complete QC Documented Dept

with calibrated & certified equip. & gauges

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